super cool dude….

I was on a photo frenzy yesterday and did another session with Tim. Took over 200 photos as quickly as possible to avoid being out in the overwhelming amount of pollen. Here are a couple sneak previews.

woodland fairy…

The rain put a damper on my creativity today. Anna and I stood on the porch today for 20 min waiting for the rain to stop but then we made a run for the woods and I took a couple quick pictures. Not bad despite it was pouring rain outside this afternoon.

ready for Spring….

Just a quick one from our Snow day this past week! We are lucky in NC to get snow twice this year. LOL! But we are so ready for a warm Spring day.

the Lost Nomads

I photographed the Lost Nomads last weekend.  They are a Middle Eastern Band performing around the Raleigh area. They are gearing up for the first CD release. It will be great!!

Members include: Clockwise from top left: Andrew Shakinovsky, Ken Ashley, Andy Ruckert, Brian Beaman, John Price

(c) 2009 Woodland Willow Photography

Beautiful dancer portraits…

I took some portraits of a good friend of mine who is also a photographer and dancer. We wanted to experiment and we tried a new look.  I am really enjoying the studio and experimenting with the lighting.

Snow bunnies…

It finally snowed here. The first real snow in many years. The little ones were so excited and we had to go out first thing to play! Just playing around. This was the first opportunity to take pics outside with my new camera. It was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag to protect it from the snow since it was still coming down pretty hard when we were out.