New Years Day 2009

I just got my black backdrop and did some more test shots today. I am having a blast taking too many pictures. I ordered my new camera (Canon 5d mark ii) and it should arrive tomorrow!!

Crazy kids!

The weather was beautiful today…so I took a couple quick pictures of the kids playing outside. It was getting late so the lighting isn’t ideal. I played with these in photoshop. Anna’s were slightly out of focus….so I made them look “artsy”!

working in Photoshop

I am gearing up to do a wedding this weekend so I had to test out my new flash cards and took a couple pics outside today. I am experimenting more in Photoshop using layers so I was testing it out on this photo of Anna.

Rain puddles…

I couldn’t resist taking Anna outside today to splash in the rain puddles….she chose to wear her ballerina dress and her new “kitty cat” rain boots. It sure made for some cute photos.

A new year….

Daniel started 1st grade this Fall in  a new school. He was so excited to meet new friends. Today was a  beautiful day so we took some pictures outside with his cool Hawaiian shirt.

Anna wanted her picture taken too! She loves hanging out with Daniel, and will follow him around all the time!